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The Center for Critical Minerals (C2M) combines Penn State's expertise across several colleges in partnership with industrial partners to develop the fundamental science and technology needed to harness domestic mineral sources. The center builds on Penn State's established interdisciplinary capabilities to make the University the premier technical and research support partner for companies developing commercial critical materials projects.

The Center for Critical Minerals (C2M) works to mitigate risk posed to the United States' dependency on raw and semi-finished materials for advanced manufacturing. In 2017, the U.S. produced an estimated $75.2 billion of nonfuel materials. Those base materials were used in energy, medical, and defense applications along with consumer electronics. However, in production of those goods, the U.S. was completely dependent on imports of twenty-one out of the fifty nonfuel commodities. That dependency poses a national security and economic risk if the U.S. does not develop methods and technologies to create its own supply of critical materials.

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Sarma V. Pisupati
Director of Center for Critical Minerals
126B Hosler Building
Tel: 1-814-865-0874


Penn State, Colorado School of Mines will support US need for critical minerals
- November 9, 2020

Energy Fuels & Team from Penn State University Selected by U.S. Department of Energy to Develop Design for the Production of Rare Earth Elements from Coal-Based Resources
- September 21, 2020

Materia-USA Awarded U.S. Department of Energy Contract for Recovery of Rare Earths & Critical Minerals
- September 21, 2020

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